Where did the idea for The Shipping Collective come from?

After spending more than two decades in shipping, working on business improvement, digital and cultural transformational programmes, I started considering whether the challenges were applicable across the industry and whether there was a way to solve it more effectively than each individual company on their own.

I started validating my hypotheses with different shipping companies, finding that the fundamental challenges were similar. However, there was no one to call for help to take the first steps or help speed up a change journey. These insights helped shape our vision for a different approach to solving them.


The common challenges

  • Customer expectations are increasing with digital solutions and interfaces as a requirement for the future
  • Political and macroeconomic events, as well as requirements, are imposed and happen more often
  • Competitive pressure is accelerated by digitalisation
  • Data insights, standards, and integration capabilities are required as a ticket to play the game of shipping

The biggest companies have the scale to invest and solve challenges on their own, and they have the resources and capabilities to do it. Often, the medium to smaller companies do not, as they also struggle to attract and retain the digital talent, the change capability, and capacity required to drive the changes inside the companies.

We made The Shipping Collective journey in response to these challenges

A core value of our company is collective thinking. Collective means a group of people acting together. We believe that by acting together, we are in a much stronger position to solve the decarbonisation and digital challenges that the industry is facing.

We are building The Shipping Collective as a platform for shipping companies to collaborate and have access to the talent, capabilities, and the solutions they all need. When we work as a group, we can solve problems and develop digital products and solutions faster and better while sharing the investment and minimising the risk. This, is at the core of our company, and we are going to continue to build the talent base and capabilities that are needed for a digital and sustainable future in shipping.

Our vision

That our clients:

Solve their challenges effectively with speedy solution development and implementation

Collaborate to create new solutions and products for their customers and other shipping companies

Have seamless integration capabilities to the industry ecosystem

That our people:

Are all owners of the company, and act with an owners mindset towards our customers and other stakeholders

Are aligned incentive-wise with our customers and love it

Share our values around collaboration and a long term view of our business with our customers