The Digital Innovation Office

The Digital Innovation Office

To succeed long term in the shipping industry, being able to continuously improve and effectively solve relevant problems with technology is an important capability.

We help you be great at this!

With us running your Digital Innovation Office, we help you identify and describe problems, solution and investment decisions, and to create value using digital technologies. 

With the Digital Innovation Office, you will get:

  • A dedicated and experienced person, who will facilitate your innovation process and be on location with you as feasible
  • The opportunity for your staff to take part in defining, designing and implementing solutions to create a digital mindset in your company
  • A holistic plan for digital innovation that is supporting the business strategy and delivering positive employee impact and return on investment


Additional services available:

  • Process and project management
  • Change Management & Communication
  • Prototyping before building solutions

Why The Shipping Collective?

  • You get the combination of shipping- and technology experience, and our best practice methodology for digital innovation
  • A low-risk and flexible solution compared to setting up your own digital organisation
  • You can scale up and down, depending on your requirements over time

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