We have partnerships with Valcon, Mendix Siemens and Whiz Cloud Solutions. Our partnerships enables us to draw upon exertise and capacity within consulting, data and digital solution development.

+1400 employees within consulting, data and Mendix development capabilities

Low Code platform partner, owned by Siemens and used by many organizations

Data Lake and digital solution development with shipping and logistics experience


When we explained our idea and vision for The Shipping Collective as a shipping pure-play, Valcon liked it, and the conversation was immediately about how we could make it work together. Since then, we have been working with this mindset on various assignments. Valcon brings its expertise in consulting, data, and digital solution development, which, combined with TSC’s expert shipping experience, adds value to our shipping customers from day 1.

Valcon by the numbers:

  • 1400 Consulting and tech industry experts
  • Offices in Netherlands, United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden and Germany
  • 30 years of experience in consultancy business
  • Helping clients in more than 40 countries
  • Broad experience from industry leaders like Novo Nordisk, Heineken, Siemens, ABN-Amro, Schiphol,

Valcon and The Shipping Collective

Unique combination of deep shipping, tech, data and management consultancy experience

In Valcon’s own words:

Valcon is a full-service provider that works at the intersection between consultancy, technology, data, advanced analytics and strategy. Situated in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden and Germany, Valcon forms a north-west European community helping clients across national borders. We focus on end-to-end transformations in which we create long-lasting and sustainable value together with a human approach. We know that every link matters in improving a company’s value chain. We support our clients in pursuing the right change in people, system, and process. Our involvement is based on deep knowledge and experience, working shoulder to shoulder with many different organisations. We do not blindly follow a methodology; we follow through on getting things done.