Kaushik Reddy

Position: Product owner
Experience: 15+ Years


With his over 15 years of experience across operations, commercial and product in logistics, container and bulk shipping, Kaushik brings a wealth of knowledge and knowhow to TSC. As a dual marine officer by training and an Insead MBA graduate, his diverse experiences range from sailing large ships to negotiating seven-figure commercial deals and even starting up, scaling and successfully selling an AI startup in the maritime space. In all his experiences, he cherishes working with global teams to solve large meaningful problems.

"The world as we know it is rapidly changing, and for shipping companies, Technology is no longer a nice to have but a matter of survival, due to the increasing accountability on operations from end-customers & environmental, social & governance requirements from investors. I like partnering with shipping companies to adapt to this change, by building scalable solutions for the whole industry."