Placing the climate agenda firmly on your strategic path

Combining our experience within shipping with Organisational Change Management, we employ a structured approach through PROSCI to ensure your project achieves sustainable benefits. 

Change happens only when people adopt a new way of working or thinking. By following the structured PROSCI framework and understanding how a shipping company operates, we can ensure your project or transition is successful and achieves lasting benefits. 

By employing the structured PROSCI framework and all the ADKAR elements, we make sure to:

  • Analyse the size and complexity of the change to identify the appropriate change strategy
  • Monitor assumptions, risks, dependencies, costs, return on investment, dis-benefits, and cultural issues
  • Counter resistance and align the employees to the overall strategic direction of the organisation
  • Employ effective communication that facilitates the individual’s journey from unknowing to comfortably partaking in the transformation
  • Devise effective training and skills upgrading for the organisation
  • Ensure proper anchoring and continuity after the project or transition is completed.

Organisational Change management is a framework focusing on the people side of change, equally important to the technical side of a project. Organisational Change Management prepares, supports, and equips individuals to drive successful and sustainable change. 

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Svend Paulsen
Process, Projects & Change