Placing the climate agenda firmly on your strategic path

All shipping companies and terminals have leadership, management, cultures, cost, customer interactions, and processes for moving cargo from A to B. 

The most successful shipping companies have:

  • Agreed cross-functional collaboration models
  • 360′ data transparency and access
  • Standardised processes with a ‘geographic twist’
  • A solid process and tech improvement model
  • A meeting culture that matters
  • Leadership+management+frontline execution alignment

We can assist you in designing and implementing a new operating model that points the entire organization in the same direction, enabled by a new set of standards and structures for ‘how we get things done around here’.

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Svend Paulsen
Process, Projects & Change

An operating model is both an abstract and visual representation of how an organization delivers value to its customers or beneficiaries as well as how an organization actually runs itself.