Digital Solution Development

Digital Solution Development

We believe that shipping companies that become good at effectively solving their most relevant problem at any given time, will increase their competitiveness and succeed in the (digital) future.

We help you be that company.

With your own dedicated Digital Development Team from TSC and our process for delivering solutions that create value, you are able to build fast and make small incremental iterations and improvements continuously.

We help you start at the right pace and speed up over time as your ability to adopt solutions into your organisation increases.

With a Digital Development Team from TSC, you will have:

  • Your dedicated development team, with Product Management with shipping experience, User Experience design and digital development
  • We usually recommend to build in 2 week ‘sprints’ giving you a high degree of planning flexibility, which ensures we always work on the most important problem to solve

Pricing model

Your dedicated development team from USD 23,500/month*

* Excluding software licenses and cloud deployment costs when applicable

Additional services

  • Fixed Price Projects

Why The Shipping Collective?

  • You get the combination of shipping experience and digital solution design, without having to build a team internally
  • We build with standard technical components and high degree of reusability, allowing us to build fast and cost effectively
  • Synergies from having a combined development team for data and app development
  • You can scale up and down, depending on your requirements over time

Contact us and let’s build great solutions together

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