Data Lake & Integration (API’s)

Data Lake & Integration (API’s)

To succeed long term in the shipping industry, being able to create value from your internal and external data and to be able to integrate with customers and partners is an important capability.

We help you be great at this!

We build your data lake and integration capabilities, and we continue to maintain it, so that you can ensure to make the right business decisions and speed up solution development and benefit realisation from new solutions.

With us building and running your Data Lake, you will have:

  • A dedicated contact person (and team) as if it was an internal team
  • Your focus on Business Intelligence, analytics and data science, and not worry about engineering
  • A simple and flexible data architecture, with cyber security of the major cloud providers
  • Faster and cheaper digital solution and automation development, and it will be easier for you to implement new applications in your work processes

Pricing model

Depends on your requirements, we assess your specific situation and provide you a quote either on a fixed fee or on a monthly basis

Why The Shipping Collective?

  • You get the combination of shipping experience and technology solution design, and our best practice Data Lake design for shipping companies
  • Easy and cost-effective onboarding to new apps 
  • Synergies from having a combined development team for data and app development

Contact us and lets help you increase the value of your data

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