Master Data Governance

Data Governance

In order to transition to a digital operating model and to avoid several people in your organisation working with different data sets, it is important to have excellent data quality.

We help you have great data and thereby increase the value of your decisions!

With this service, we will monitor, analyse and report on data quality issues with your data sets. All you need to worry about it is to decide on and correct discrepancies.

With us running your Master Data Management governance, you will have:

  • A dedicated contact person 
  • We help you define the required data ‘roles’ and governance model for master data management
  • Master data recommendations, based on global industry standards
  • Data quality reports on inconsistencies for corrective action
  • Data quality KPIs report for you to be in control of your master data quality

Pricing model

Depends on your requirements, we assess your specific situation and provide you a quote either on a fixed fee or on a monthly basis

Why The Shipping Collective?

  • You get a team with a combination of shipping and data governance experience
  • We do the hard and tedious work for you
  • Our model is flexible and can be adjusted along the way depending on your needs

Contact us and lets power your decision Making with great data

Ravindra Kawade

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