Collective Development

Collective Development

A platform for shipping companies to collaborate by sharing investment and minimizing  risk to build industry wide digital solutions to solve critical business problems faster

With Collective Development, you can turn your ideas to create monetizable digital products jointly with like minded peers sharing investment costs during product build and launch

Jointly build a commercially viable product with industry wide applications and get exclusive voting rights on design and  feature building.

When taking part in a Collective Digital Development with TSC, you will have:

  • A full-scale development team, with Product Management with shipping experience, User Experience design and digital development – at a fraction of the cost
  • An expert community of users beyond your own company and shared knowledge across all the App Partners
  • Opportunity to earn royalties when the product is successfully commercialised 

Why The Shipping Collective?

  • A combination of shipping experience and digital solution design, without having to build a team internally
  • Unique new product building approach while minimising risk
  • Turn your ideas into compelling products by working with peers and dedicated product teams
  • Convert your digital office into a profit centre 
  • Our  in-house app store & a community of shipping & technology developers

Contact us to hear more about which initiatives we have underway and how you can participate…

Kaushik Reddy
Digital Product Owner

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