Placing the climate agenda firmly on your strategic path

Your Climate and Environment trajectory is dependent on three factors; Customers, investors, and legislative requirements. While your bottom line, and your license to operate, hang on how you plan for and take action on current and future requirements.

With extensive involvement for more than two decades in the Climate & Environment agenda from a global operator angle as well as legislative and advisory roles, we can be your partner. 

To take you safely through this complex and ever-changing Climate & Environment journey, we can assist with:

  • Enriching the company’s climate strategy
  • EEXI recommendation for non-compliant ships
  • Enhancing the organization’s climate and environmental capabilities
  • General advisory on the current, shipping related, climate and environmental issues

Since the introduction of the motor ship, the climate agenda will be the biggest game-changer to the industry, and we can be your helmsman.


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Poul Woodall
Climate & Environment

When it comes to navigating the climate journey, it’s a jungle out there. We can help steer you in the right Climate & Environmental direction.