To make your great ideas and change initiatives a good investment you must set them up to succeed, and rally the entire organization behind your vision through carefully planned project and change processes. 

Increase you change of realizing the full benefit of the investment by working with a team of people who have experience from the industry and actually understands your business.

The Shipping Collective’s approach to change initiative management is

  • Threat all initiatives as an investment and scope it to succeed.
  • We advise and consult in close collaboration with your leadership and frontline teams and facilitate the co-creation process to find a solution that works for you.
  • Drive the change through to implementation with tight project management, and creative and engaging change management.

We have done it before, we can also help you.

Why The Shipping Collective?

  • We understand your business and will add value from day one
  • We have quick access to a global network of industry experts
  • Our partnership with Valcon, enables us to scale up fast to any assignment

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Svend Paulsen
Process, Projects & Change